Xiaomi starts slow the Black Friday Week

Xiaomi still hasn’t started the Black Friday week

We’re two days into the Black Friday week, out of the five that have to pass, and so far Xiaomi hasn’t appeared in the early hours of Amazon’s Black Friday offers.

We have found products that could rival the Amazfit Bip and the Amazfit Pace, as there are great deals on smartwatches that would rival, for example the Garmin Forerunner 35 can be located at less than 100 euros when it normally costs double.

But if we look for mobile phones, Xiaomi’s star product, we can’t find any product. If we go to Amazon to see the products that appear at the moment and on the second day of the Black Friday week, we see all kinds of offers, from Chinese brands under 100 and even 60 euros as Doogee, Cubot or Blackview, to other better known brands such as Apple and Motorola with some older models, we assume that they will be waiting at the end of the week to launch the bombs during Black Friday next Friday 25 November, but Xiaomi probably reserves to do web promotion with their already famous flash sales.

Even in another of the segments that Xiaomi could compete, that of electric scooters, we see how other brands are taking advantage of Black Friday, like these SmartGyro scooters.

Anyway, and although they have become cheaper than the Xiaomi, we still rely on our reference brand, because from our point of view, the quality is totally different.

From pricexiaomi.com we are going to be aware of Black Friday’s offers on Amazon to notify our growing audience of the appearance of the brand for which we write and that drives us crazy, Xiaomi.

Sure news will come in next days and we will be proud to show some low priced products that all of our followers will enjoy.