Xiaomi Pocophone hits FCC and NFCC

Xiaomi Pocophone is presented to the authorities

Like other times, we found out about the next releases of Xiaomi once they have to pass and certify their smartphones before the competent authorities that prove that these phones are not a danger to public health.

A new Xiaomi phone known simply as ‘Pocophone’ with the model number M1805E10A has appeared both in the FCC of EE. UU, as in the NCC of Taiwan, which suggests that a launch could be imminent, since the presentation of the phones to these authorities is done shortly before presenting the phones.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S  (EU/Global Version)

We do not know who has decided the name for not thinking that Poco in Spain (and in many countries of the world that share the same origin in their language) means nothing or not much … and we hope that this telephone is a lot and not a little, like the others from Xiaomi. Anyway we do not think that it ends up with the name PocoPhone the range or they would be making a clear marketing error.

Traditionally, Xiaomi phones are divided into two fields: their flagship line Mi, or their Redmi budget line. The Pocophone is neither Mi nor Redmi, and the fact that it could have 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB / 128 GB of internal storage would place it in the segment on Xiaomi’s flagship phones.


Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus 4G 32GB Dual-SIM black - Non UK Official Version

Other sources are indicating that the 256QAM LTE chip could point to the fact that it is using the same Snapdragon 845 chip as the Mi8, that is, it would be high-end. So it could be a new model and design never seen before.

Of the documents available in each of these sites, we know that there will be a double camera in the back, and will have a body of 76 mm x 151 mm. The screen measures 163 mm diagonally, so assuming a screen of 18: 9 we could see any screen up to 6.4 “, it really depends on how thin the frames are.

We assume that soon we will know more about the MuchoPhone (I refuse to call PocoPhone to a Xiaomi phone)