Xiaomi Poco phones presented

Xiaomi Poco range presented, Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Xiaomi listens to user communities

Poco will be one of the divisions or ranges of Xiaomi, and as always, the opinion of users is key to Xiaomi. For Poco Pocophone F1 Xiaomi listened to communities like Reddit to choose their design

The head of Poco, the sub-brand launched, Mr. Jai Mani explained how the design and characteristics of Poco F1 were chosen by the company based on the requirements of communities such as Reddit.

The new device has already been officially launched

Officially it has already been presented in locations such as India or Paris, where the global presentation event of Poco Pocophone F1 took place, Poco F1 (which will be marketed under the name of Pocophone F1 in France and the rest of Europe) has something that It will cause jealousy and glares.

In addition to its technical features worthy of a high-end smartphone, its price would be well below others such as OnePlus 6, its direct competitor: between 250 and 300 euros, depending on the version and purchase specifications.


Requirements demanded by the community

The insistent user community has helped with the choice of battery and processor

Poco, a brand owned by the Chinese Xiaomi, begins its journey with a phone ready to break the market, where the design of its first flagship hopes to position itself with the characteristics of a high-end, but at a price rather than mid-range or low middle range. No doubt a device to follow.

The company’s designers have relied directly on the opinions and comments of Reddit users and other networks to develop their product, and thus demonstrate that the company is listening to the community, one of the hallmarks of a brand such as Xiaomi.

The latter would have particularly emphasized the importance of a large battery and a powerful processor. Obtaining a result that they have wanted to associate with speed: Pocophone F1 has a battery of 4000 mAh and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC, which is the best on the market at the time of launch.

The official launch took place in France

To justify the choice of polycarbonate chassis, the group’s CEO estimated that most customers will buy and install a sheath, so expensive or metallic materials are not necessary, de facto hiding the material used for this phone.

As for the lack of oleophobic coating, which avoids fingerprints, Jai Mani gives no explanation. He predicts, however, the massive use of a screen shell that would serve as protection against fingerprints, they have basically cut where they understand that users are going to acquire third-party accessories to suit the consumer.

Pocophone is a device to which we will carry out an extensive review once it falls into our hands.