Xiaomi has a language translator

Xiaomi launches a language translator

Xiaomi is a brand known for launching all kinds of products to the market. In addition to their smartphones, the Chinese manufacturer launches products of the most curious to stores. One of those is a language translator. A device that allows to translate to a multitude of different languages.

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If you want to know the name, The specific name of this device is Xiaomi Mijia Konjac AI . It is a simultaneous translator whose main task is…try to guess it… translate. It has other additional functions, such as a player, calculator or news reader (powered by the Xiaomi AI ), but right now can not be used unless Chinese is mastered.

Xiaomi Mijia Konjac has the capacity to make simultaneous translation of 14 languages ​​in total . The languages ​​provided by this Xiaomi translator are: Spanish, Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Finnish and Swedish. A great variety that, without a doubt, endows it with enormous versatility. Perfect for vacations, business trips or meetings.

Regarding its operation, Xiaomi has bet that the device is based on Microsoft Translator , which we have also tested previously. In this way, translations can be carried out instantly. As we can see in the name of the translator, artificial intelligence makes an appearance in the device. It is responsible for learning our translation habits and the way we express ourselves. Thanks to it, you can give a better performance as the device is used.

In addition, Microsoft Translator has a database with many colloquial expressions . It adapts to the way of expressing each user also offer more options when translating. According to official figures, there are more than five million phrases that collect expressions of utility in different types of situations. Whether travel, business or day to day. In short, a product of enormous utility.

The design of this Xiaomi translator is simple and with a look that is like a iPod nano. It looks like a remote control in terms of design, and its small size makes it really comfortable at all times. It has a microphone that listens to everything the person says in all kinds of situations as it makes use of the integrated noise cancellation technology.


Thanks to it, it is possible to talk to the device more than one meter away ; can listen and understand what the user says without any problem; offers a remarkable autonomy with a total of eight hours in case of being translating without interruption. When it is on hold, it has a total autonomy of seven days. It has several buttons, that allow to raise or lower the volume; In addition to activating the translation at all times and selecting the desired language.

The translator connects with the mobile using an application that serves as a bridge and with which we can configure the device and, most importantly, the language that will recognize and translate . The process is somewhat cumbersome if you do not know Chinese, but the Moyu application makes it easier because it has English available. Once the Mijia Konjac AI is configured, you can translate any of the languages ​​included in the translator into Spanish or English. And vice versa, of course.

The finishing of the device has been carried out using an anodized aluminum coating, which is similar to that found in high-end laptops. Thanks to this finish you get a premium design, quality, in addition to being more resistant to possible bumps or scratches.



As usual in Xiaomi products, the translator stands out for its low price, is one of the great attractions of this versatile device. Its launch cost was just over 30 euros to change . For now, it has not been officially launched in Europe, nor do we have any information from the company that anticipates it; although it is not disposable either.

For those users interested in this device, it is possible to buy it officially on websites such as AliExpress.