Pocophone F1 Final details

Final details of Pocophone F1

Poco is a new division or sub-brand of Xiaomi group and has decided to enter with force in the market of high-end smartphones offering them at a mid-range price.

Poco F1 was introduced in India as a high-end smartphone at an incredibly low price .. With Pocophone brand, it now landed in France and from there it jumps to western markets.

Versions and prices

Pocophone F1 is marketed in Europe since August 30 in France where it began selling at 359 euros in its version 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB and 399 euros in its version 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage.

For the launch the brand made a special discount offer, taking the prices up to 329 and 369 euros respectively. The devices with which it expects to compete are those of brands such as OnePlus or Honor.

Xiaomi does not just fight with the bigger ones. They want everything

After attacking traditional brands such as Apple and Samsung, Xiaomi now seems determined to tackle the new telephony operators such as OnePlus and Honor. To avoid creating confusion with their own products, Xiaomi launches “Pocophone”, a new brand of smartphones under the control of Xiaomi.

Its target: to offer smartphones with high-end equipment but at a reduced price. To achieve this, the brand favors the essential (screen, battery, cameras), ignoring other aspects not so demanded by users.

Worldwide, the brand will use two versions of the brand, in Asia it will be called Poco while in Europe it has appeared as Pocophone.

Premium components, affordable price

With a Snapdragon 845, 4 to 8 GB of RAM and a generous 4000 mAh battery, Pocophone F1 is equipped with the best components on the market. What presages an excellent performance.

The user can choose between 64 GB and 256 GB expandable with Micro SD, and has a USB-C port and a jack-like connector, which he removed in the latest Xiaomi smartphones. In addition, the back of the smartphone is made of polycarbonate or optional Kevlar.

On the front, Pocophone F1 looks like Xiaomi Mi 8 and has a notch of the same size. It contains an infrared facial recognition sensor that can identify you in the dark.

The smartphone is equipped with a Full HD panel + 6.18 inch LCD technology, not OLED like in Xiaomi flagship, Xiaomi Mi 8.

On the back, the brand makes the choice of polycarbonate instead of glass, supposedly so as not to force its users to install a protective cover, but probably because this material is less expensive.

For the camera, Pocophone chose a dual camera module of 12 and 5 Mpix, which is supposed to offer good image quality to its users. An AI mode should improve the quality of the photos, a feature already common in Xiaomi devices.

Keep in mind that the smartphone runs a special version of MIUI, which offers the impression of being under a more standard Android.

In terms of prices, those arriving in Europe are higher than those that can be found in India for the same products.