Xiaomi unveils its first 100% gaming laptop

Xiaomi presents a gaming notebook that will compete with the Razer Blade.

Yesterday we echoed the presentation of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S in Shanghai, but finally it will not be the only device presented within this week, as they took the opportunity to present a new laptop aimed at the gaming sector, something that gamers will surely appreciate.

The Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop is aimed directly at a tough rival like Razer with its first gaming laptop, so the new Xiaomi laptop takes its signals from brands like Apple and Razer, offering discrete graphics packages and LED lights to play.

As we have indicated, the new phone was not the only dish in Xiaomi’s new menu on Tuesday and at its press conference in Shanghai, the Chinese company also presented a new entry in its Mi Notebooks line, and it comes with the right specifications for gaming, with specifications much more powerful than their previous notebooks.


Xiaomi Mi Gaming Laptop 15.6

The first thing that impressed us was its aesthetics, with an elegant design, where we were not surprised by the size of the screen, probably because the name of the product already included it, yes, we are that smart.

Coated in black metal, the Mi Gaming Laptop 15.6, as the name suggests, comes with a 15.6-inch screen, in case it had not been sufficiently clear. It is the largest among the various computers that Xiaomi offers so far, and there is no logo on the shell: Xiaomi says that she prefers to keep it clean and subtle, if what you are looking for is a big apple that lights up when you turn on the beast, you have chosen the wrong brand

Like any gaming computer that boasts comes with all the paraphernalia and useful special effects, favoring the gameplay when the light has gone and we are too concentrated killing Little Martians to get up from the chair. So, when you want to play, the gaming laptop comes shielded with LEDs under the keyboard and the side lights too.


The new Xiaomi device is not as thin as the Razer Blade (Xiaomi did not provide numbers, but it was quite thick), this makes the laptop has four USB 3.0 ports, HDMI 2.0, USB Type-C and a LAN port, thus the connectivity is more than assured.


The first Xiaomi gaming notebook can come with a NVidia GTX1060 graphics card
Inside, the Mi Gaming Laptop uses a seventh generation Intel Core i7 processor, has 16 GB of RAM by default (with a maximum of 32 GB) and uses as we have said an Nvidia GTX1060 or a GTX1050Ti for discrete graphics. Players will also appreciate having customizable custom buttons on the left side of the keyboard. A special button will turn on all the fans to cool the laptop while you play, trying to keep it from burning out when the game goes red.

While it does not use Max Q technology like other models for gamers like the Asus Zephryus or Acer Predator Triton 700, the Xiaomi Mi Gaming laptop has a specially designed cooling system that expels hot air to the sides and back.


With an initial price of 5,999 yuan (which becomes around $ 955, £ 675 or AU $ 1,235) for the low-end GTX1050Ti model and 8,999 yuan (approximately $ 1,435, £ 1,010 or AU $ 1,850) for the highest of the model line, the Mi Gaming Laptop 15.6 that includes the GTX1060 graphics card, will go on sale in China on April 13, and at the moment there are no indications that want to present it beyond the Chinese borders in the short term, so If we start to see ourselves defeated in our online games by Chinese gamers, we already know that it is thanks to Xiaomi.


If you are thinking about obtaining one, keep in mind that it will only come with a Chinese version of Microsoft Windows, which means that there is no English, Spanish, or French language, so it probably does not suit our needs. You will have to buy and install your own version of Windows, unless you read Mandarin and try to make some invention with the keyboard.

Since this product is not yet available in our country, we take the opportunity to show some that are.

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